End to End Utility Application for Muslim Community

Aldeen (Hereby referred as client) is a utility tool for the people in Muslim community, extending its services with utilities like Religious Trackers, Prayer times and events in Mosques around them and also a enabling its user-base to form a social platform for philanthropic activities and have interaction among the high level religious leaders with the common man.

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How did we help them ?

As a B2C focused application our client wanted to provide a robust tools to fit in the requirements of the people who practice. Like

  1. Trackers for religious activities.
  2. Extensive information from mosque level such as prayer times, events happening in mosques in the geography.
  3. Build a network of people and bridging the gap between the religious leaders and common people.

According to the market research done by our client, there were there critical issues that need to be solved.

  • No one stop solution for all the activity tracker.
  • The high level leaders would be so busy with their schedule and there is no tool for them to organize their call sheet.
  • There would be different prayer timings for each operating Mosque.
  • Secured and Trust worthy Medium to accept and segregate the donations donations in the name of Mosques or Ulemas (Religious leaders).

Our Features

Mosque Level Management :

We came up a management system where mosque admins can register and manage their specific information like their location, prayer timings, events happening in their mosque etc.

Religious leader's Page :

There would be a page created for each leader covering the entire profile and activities list of the leader, people can follow their favorite leaders and get their activity updates. They can also state their interest in attending the events created by the leaders or the mosques.

One stop tracker solution :

We have integrated various trackers and other utilities that would be necessary for the people to track their holy activities and to grow in spiritual sense.

Interaction System :

At religious levels common people have lot many questions and requests to offer the mosques or religious people, the platform that we are providing will help them do so through our Dua request and QandA sections of the application. Where they post question or request for a prayer to any of the religious heads and get their answers through the app.

Donation System :

The need of a trust worth donation system was expressed through our client, we are providing a block chain based open / hyper ledger to track the expenses and donations from the people, so the donors and the management can stand on on note regarding the expenditure of the donated money.


Aldeen (Hereby referred as client) is a utility tool for the people in Muslim community