Our product line is led by our passion to
design and deliver business solutions

Our Products

Our product line is led by our passion to design and deliver business solutions that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well. They combine solid reliability with cutting-edge technology development and real-world operations experience to create a set of solutions meeting service provider needs. We are committed to offering service providers products that cost-effectively meet their needs — now and in the future. Unicorn software Solutions maintains support of existing systems and services, enabling seamless migration to services in the future. All the while recognizing critical requirements for latest technology, performance and new business needs that enable a new generation of revenue-generating services


eMedicalWorld is a networking portal for medical industry. Built on Unicorn's mature web application development framework, this product provides innovative marketing solutions and every day used services for medical business stakeholders and adds value to their business processes. Marketing medical products, knowledge sharing, sharing experiences, comparing products, appointments management, searching for information and exhibiting the services has never been so easy like what eMedicalWorld does.


A optical retail management system

Olympus is designed specifically to allow optical Retail Business holders to order, check-in and dispense spectacles, contact lenses, ware housing and other inventory related functions. This software provides detailed reports and summaries of inventory on hand and dispensed. It reports how many and what types of remakes the outlet has. It helps track the status of orders.

Unicorn InfraCMS

Our Unicorn InfraCMS is a set of components which is the culmination of years of industry experience and research. It leverages the lessons learned and best practices of many enterprise scale software development projects, the latest development tools and the newest in presentation layer technology. Using this product innovative and reliable web based solutions can be developed with great ease that can provide high performance, scalability and security.