Pilgrimage Planner and Booking engine

MakeUmrah here by referred as client is a B2C focused suite of services extended for the industry of hajj and umrah pilgrimage tourism around the globe. It provides bus management, travel and stay package bookings, marketing tools for trip providers, and financial tools for its Customers.

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How did we help them ?

Instigated as travel tech product, the client expressed the need for the user friendly and robust tooling systems.

  1. Trip Booking Process automation.
  2. Online billing system.
  3. Extending the bus services to web.
  4. Trip and Ticket management to the providers.

Being a very crude market, it is essential for the product to be intuitively usable by the customers of the client. As per the market research of the client, majority of the providers and their employees are either only Arabic speaking or not educated. Apart from that, many of them are away from tech based approaches like apps and automation tools. They are very much comfortable with the pen paper approach.

  • Old school user base
  • Reluctant to new designs and approaches
  • Barrier of the Language
  • Completely unorganized and non digital market

Our Approach

We extended our development services to :

  1. Web application B2C and B2B
  2. Android application B2C
  3. IOS application B2C

The customer of our client can interact with any of the above mentioned platforms.

Our Features

Intuitive Bus Management :

The bus management and trip management systems are designed in a very intuitive way with respect to both Front end intractable UI and Integration process. In order to mitigate the learning curve for the providers to join the system.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics :

The provider is given the entire detailed reports of the total bookings and performance of his traveling agency with time basis, which can help him analyze and improve his business through the platform.

Real Time Booking Engine :

Since it is a B2C focused application the main agenda for our client was to get the life of Travelers pretty easy and avoid all the extra efforts they need to put in to attend the pilgrimage. One of the major hurdle they might technically face would be over booking of the seats. The real time booking engine helps in avoid the over booking for the travelers.

Trustworthiness of the providers :

The travelers faced issues in judging the quality of travel each provider is offering, to overcome that the traveler can contribute to the network by providing a review of the trip and bus they have travelled.


Makeumrah has started its pilot program in Saudi extending its services in almost 3 top cities and providing the trips to Mecca, Madina form the same.