Sage CRM for ISPs

Sage CRM

Internet Service Providers

Sage CRM helps businesses grow their relationships with customers.Sage CRM allows you to organise and automate communications and activities across all customer-facing departments, which includes sales,service & marketing.

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How did we help them ?

As an internet service provider they needed to manage their customer signup / customer care process in a productive and user friendly way .The following points and processes were established by implementing Sage CRM

  1. Centralized Production Data Repository
  2. Organization/Reporting structure- Team/Territory management
  3. Sales Cycle – Enterprise Sales/Retail Sales/ Residential /Local Cable Operators /Society
  4. Site Inspection / Feasibility Analysis
  5. Site Visits
  6. Customer Retention – Care /Shift Over /Churn
  7. Operation – Order to Billing Process / Daily Call Reports
  8. Marketing – Email Campaigns – ( New Leads – Enterprise/Retail/Residential ) , Campaigns to Existing Customers for upgrading /reconnection.
  9. Internal- Reimbursements- Submission of Expenses for Sales Team against Leads/opportunities

Results, Return on Investment

Implementation of Sage Crm helped the client on the following areas

  1. Drastically reduced timeline for Customer Signup – enhanced no of customer acquisitions.
  2. 360 degree view of Customer accounts
  3. More efficient resource management and planned site visits.
  4. Accessibility of Production Data from anywhere.
  5. Marketing – Enhanced Enterprise/Retail Sales

Summary & Future Plans

As one of the leading internet service provider, they need to be constantly stay on top in terms of Customer Care/ Service and Marketing due to heavy competition, Sage CRM has helped them to implement the strategies required to do so in terms of establishing relevant workflows/ processes and reflecting relevant data.

They are now operating in more than 10 major cities and Sage CRM is being used as the accelerator for the Sales & Service operations.

They will be increasing the work force in the Service departments and access to Sage CRM.