Saher eye

Saher eye

: A application to alert the users for speed cams. Saher eye ( Hereby referred as client ). It provides Speed alerts to customers for over speeding and approaching speed cams.

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How did we help them ?

The client wanted a very flexible and user friendly product. We created a IOS application for client. There was huge challenge as the speed cams would not be stationary and location of speed cams would be moved on regular basis. We have provided a user generated consensus based database system where customers or the users can report the occurrence of the speed cams To over come this we gave the users the option to add the speed cam at a particular location. Once any user pins the speed cam at a location it goes for admin approval. There would be a consensus based on the user’s upvotes or downvotes, based on the proof of these consensus the camera location would either be kept activated or inactivated by the main admin.

As per the market research of the clients In kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are speed cams which capture the over speeding events of vehicles and other offences. The client wanted to alert the driver when ever the vehicle is approaching the speed cam. The purpose is to alert the drivers with max speed when they are approaching. The main challenge here was that the location of speed cams which were not stationary. Speed cams would be moved from one location to other location on regular basis.


Today saher is in Beta stage in kingdom of Saudi arabia